I’m still getting used to the idea of 2012.

You see, I’ve promised myself that so much will happen this year. It’s going to be mega. Intimidating even.

So, on this dreary rainy morning I’m looking back. I can’t believe how much I did last year. No wonder I was so freaking tired.

This brief hiatus, however, has become an unexpected pep talk. Who knew I could do so much? Who knows what I’ll do next?

2011. The Things that happened:

I quit my job.

I travelled to tons of new places which opened my eyes in all sorts of ways (Thanks Sharjah, especially)

I judged a book award.

I did 7 of my Thirty Things. Another 9 are started but incomplete. It’s possibly the best present I could have ever given myself.

I spent tons of time in the sunshine and by the sea

I started my own company

I discovered August Sander‘s Weimar portraiture


I had stories and articles published.

I finally mastered my own cooking

I was brave in secret, small ways that matter

I began facing old demons (and sometimes started winning)

I wrote more

and I fell in love with Hiroshi Sugimoto‘s paper lightning



I feel like I’m finally getting there. Getting comfortable. Feeling right. Maybe that means it’s time to rock the boat. Maybe it’s just time to get on with what I was always meant to be doing.

So Goodbye 2011. I didn’t realise how awesome you were at the time, but I’m glad all the same. Thanks.

One Response to “2011”
  1. spurandprod says:

    I needed to stumble on this today. Thanks for writing and sharing it.


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