Extra Credit: The Cameo Double Bill

Edinburgh is awash with indy film opportunities.

It’s the sort of thing we often take for granted.

The old and lovely Cameo Cinema is one of my favourite irregular haunts.

Sure the bathrooms are crap and the popcorn is stale, but it has a lovely old-school vibe.

Not great for blockbusters or 3D, but a nice outing all its own – and so very Edinburgh. It even makes an appearance on-screen in one of the greatest cinematic love songs to our fair city.

And since forever, they’ve run a Sunday Double Bill. Every Sunday. They host back to back features, usually connected. Same director, similar style, a remake and the original – you get the picture.

I’ve always wanted to sink into the plush, red velour one grey Sunday and feast on cinema. How decadent. How delightful.

And at last, we finally are. For once the pairing seemed too good to miss.

[ahem, too good? perhaps I mean manageable. let’s be honest, back to back Cronenberg would kill a softie like me.]

The first I’ve been wanting to see.

The second is all new to Bean – and in our ongoing effort to share old movies, I can’t wait to gift him this one.

Absurdity and cross-dressing. With brownies we smuggled in for good measure. Is there a better way to while away a January Sunday?


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