Beautiful Things (& anthropologie)

Can I tell you something?

I’ve never really been into shopping.

Mall lighting makes me uncomfortable, and I’m too lazy to put on or take off my clothes more than once a day.

Plus, it’s taken me 30 years to make peace with my ever-changing body. To flaunt it around or subject it to (even well-intentioned) scrutiny was a recipe for disaster during the other 29.

It may seem trivial, but it’s actually been quite a problem.

Abstaining from shopping outings in my youth, I didn’t learn some of the crucial survival skills needed for middle school and beyond. How to be nice (and firm and constructive) without lying or being accidentally mean. How to compliment vaguely. How to look at a bunch of stuff while talking about something else entirely.

I am totally inept at all of the above.

It damaged (I daresay even killed) more than one school friendship – in our town at least, this mall bonding experience was paramount for many lackadaisical ladies-to-be.

BUT, I am happy to say I am beginning to see the error of my ways.

I have found I rather enjoy shopping in adulthood – for three reasons:

I. I like to fill my eyes with things they haven’t seen before. Galleries don’t change their exhibitions nearly as often as shop windows.

II. I like to be surrounded by beautiful things. Often. In winter, piles of lovely dishes or books are much more attractive than the forlorn and muddy wooded glens.

III. I like to imagine the alternative lives and futures in which lovely things like these could be in my life.

Here are my daydreams of late:


Daywear & Nightwear?

Wouldn’t this make the life…


Blissful Kitchen Couture:

I don’t own an apron, but I think it’s time to invest.


Cheerful Cookery:

All for a good cause (#14) I tell myself…


I love coral, cinnamony colours? I ‘m so glad they are back in style. Just what this dull, grey season needs.

I want to curl up in this ruffled goodness and sleep until spring!


ps, Can you tell how happy I am we finally have an anthropologie in this town? I’m a bit obsessed.

One Response to “Beautiful Things (& anthropologie)”
  1. Anika says:

    I’m obsessed with Anthropologie. Positively obsessed. Their stuff is wonderful. So glad you finally got one!


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