Jean Simmons

I am not known for my strict adherance to the OED version of the English language.

In fact, I enjoy a rather cavelier attitde to my native tonuge, as you may have surmised.

Which I like to pretend is a decent excuse for mixing words up all the time.

Things that sound similar or remind me of something get filed in all sorts of funny places in my brain, and rarely with what they are meant to.

Names are especially weird.

Now, having been on an old movie kick, I’ve been seeing a  lot of Jean Simmons lately.

If you don’t know who she is, she’s the more serious, less-sexpot Elizabeth-Taylor-alike of epic 60s drama (but that doesn’t entirely do her justice).

She was in this

and this

and this

and lots of other things besides.


But everytime I hear or see her name, my mind alternates between two things:


and this

It’s utterly terrifying.

One Response to “Jean Simmons”
  1. throckmorzog says:

    you made me laugh out loud and startle the dogs…omg, sar. from chic biblical heroine to spandex afro dude in one perfect brainfuddle. you rock.


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