Letters of Note

Can I just stop a minute on this crazy whirligig we call life?

Because there is something about which you should know.

It is called Letters of Note.

It is full of wonderful transcriptions and facsimiles of real letters sent by real people, but now published out in the digital ether for our enjoyment and edification.

Some are sad, some are gloriously pompous and some are downright delightful.

Here are some of my recent favourites:

Mark Twain writes to Helen Keller about plagiarism

Frederick Douglas addresses his former slave master

A wonderful, wonderful, hopeful piece of work which can shore up a heavy heart, from Henry James

And a playful, deliciously piece of wordplay

They are not always from famous people, though the above may lead you think otherwise.

Go on, go find your own favourites. I dare you.

I’d also encourage you to subscribe to the mailing list. There is nothing like a good piece of proper mail to brighten your overflowing inbox.

[And if you are wondering what’d I like for Christmas, in lo this early season, the forthcoming book would be an excellent idea.]



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