What We’ve Been Watching

I know people who work from home who listen religiously to Radio 4 or hot desk at some amazing creative hive.

Me? I combat spreadsheet psychosis with background television.

Only the informative kind, mind. Narrative telly is less conducive to work and more conducive to duvet days and pints of Ben & Jerrys.

And here are two programmes that are well worth ferreting out on Netflix – you know, if you are into nerdvision like us cool kids.


The King and the Playwright

Shakespeare in the time of King James, exploring the plays that condense and dissect the universally influential Jacobean Moment and solidify Shakespeare’s inimitable legacy.

Totally BBC, totally interesting.


Incidentally, part of the Shakespeare Unlocked season which has certainly has helped feed the flames of my excitement for the World Shakespeare Festival this summer as Britain heats up for the Olympics.


Divine Women

Classicist and historian Bettany Hughes looks at the role of women in religion from early civilization through the Middle Ages.

Seems like corny post-feminist television, I admit, but embracing a variety of cultures and delving into the early women of Christianity, Islam and Buddhism proved more stimulating that I expected. And dude, there were some kick-ass broads preaching and teaching.

Part of the ongoing collaboration between the BBC and the OU which I cannot love enough – you can watch it on iTunes and even get a handy resource booklet.

ps  – I totally want her job.


Outside of working hours, however, my viewing is much less dignified.

I have recently become embroiled in Disney-fied fairy tale soap operas, crass, satirical James Bond-esque animation and at last joined the ranks and cultivated a begrudging fondness for a so-ubiquitous-it’s-generally-referred-to-in-acronym-form formulaic sitcom.

Now naysayers may call this eclectic viewing, in that way that’s meant to be a criticism. But people used to say that about country and rock ‘n’ roll, and the Osmonds sure showed them. So go on, embrace your televisual inconsistencies. Spice things up a little.



What do you think?

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