cookies & a competition

Lurgy has struck our house like putrid lightning. Sorry for the delay in my otherwise thrilling travelogues.

Today I give you a brief peek at Russian novelty biscuits.

Mass produced snack foods in any country are by turns intriguing and perplexing. What counts as junk food and how it is marketed in various locales is surely a sociopolitical research topic which should be government-funded.

But that aside, behold: giant digestive biscuits with a skiing Inuit (with possibly goat ears?) getting directions from Flintstonian cavemen. Also, palm trees.

And to make up for my absence of late, I give you a competition.

Leave a comment below with your best fake translation of the cryptic biscuit text.

Whichever I like most (in my utterly bias and drug induced haze) will win a prize. (Which, hint, won’t be the biscuits themselves. They are long gone by now.)

2 Responses to “cookies & a competition”
  1. ‘Go thou, Goat-Boy, to seek your fortune in the far-off land of Nabisco.’


  2. Anika says:

    I suck at these things. But let me try……

    Hey, Goat Man, the

    Okay, nevermind, I suck. I’ve got nothing.


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