Kids are the same everywhere

So I’m back in the land of the living.

And I figure it’s fitting to pay homage to a kid who really knows how to live.

This kid? He lives on the side of a dusty highway. His mom boils corn on the cob in old steel barrels to sell to passing cars (like the original Silk Road drive thru).

So what does he do? He takes what looks like a rusty roller skate (singular) and amuses himself like there is no tomorrow.


It’s an imaginary dog on a leash!

It’s a race car!

It’s superkid!

Superkid made me stupidly, exuberantly happy on a long harrowing bus trip. So good on you little dude, go live it up.

And thanks. For reminding me to look for the spaceship potential in everything.

One Response to “Kids are the same everywhere”
  1. Chris Thompson says:

    Wonderful post! Thanks a lot for writing it…


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