Newness Abounds

It is a shiny New Year, and one that is already jam-packed full of adventure.

[Warning: since I cannot construct a sentence to save my life today and frankly, I have some furniture which needs sanding, this is less of a poetical post and more a list of rambling nothings.]

We are firmly ensconced in the new house — we spent last weekend shampooing carpets, and this one building IKEA furniture. Welcome to middle-aged suburban life, I guess.

I have started on a new job, which is exciting and interesting, and with people I have worked with for years so also full of familiar and relaxed loveliness. It’s sort of the best of both worlds.

We are resolved to spend more time with family this year. First, we’re throwing Bean a birthday party on the south coast… in five weeks time. Everyone is to bring him a cake. He is already on cloud nine.

… and I dream of weddings. I’ve been generally avoiding the wedding business on this here bloggery as

a) there are more people babbling about weddings on the internet than can ever be interesting and

b) other people’s weddings (like other people’s babies) are usually best in small doses.

I will try to save you from a bridal bludgeoning, dear readers, but I think I should warn you now – 2013 may be a bit wed-tacular. Come over here and hit me with a dead fish if it gets to be too much.

What an awesomely inappropriate image.

Moving on…

Ever since we came home from our holiday jaunt [with my trio of soon-to-be mothers-in-law…], I have indescribable matrimonial panic on the brain.

I can say with some certain authority no one need ever stay up nights worrying about tablescapes. Or lace accents. Or bonfires. Or vineyards. But that hasn’t stopped me. Not once.

I find myself frantically worrying oh my god, what about table numbers? Which is silly at the best of times, but so much more so when I have sworn an oath on my unborn children that I am not having a sit down dinner at my wedding. This is besides the fact that I hold a deep-seated hope that I may never make a party seating chart in all my festive-loving days.

Sigh. I am delusional.

Though, in the interests of full disclosure, the million dollar question? Who needs bloody tables numbers if we have no date or venue booked– much less tables on which to rest said numerical navigations?

It is such a relief to know I have my priorities straight. Que Sera Sara — unnecessary mayhem since 1982.

In an effort to restore normalcy in my new house – new neighbourhood – new job – wedding planning – and eminent emigration to my home country 2013 jamboree, today is for small things.

Things like:

  • making soup
  • making granola bars
  • reading old issues of my beloved Sandman, which I unearthed in the move
  • selling crap that doesn’t fit in the new house on the internet (we’ve made several hundred dollars already, woohoo!)
  • wearing giant fuzzy slippers

Peace out.


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  1. Have a superb 2013 Sara đŸ™‚


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