Living in my Saraness

So I’ve been back in graduate school for one month. It is far more things than I could possibly tell you about right now, dear reader. It has been immense. But in finding my way around a new campus, a new office, a new teaching load, and a research community in which I intend to … Continue reading

Things I Like — Social Media

Confession: Some days  scrolling the endless supply of updates is plain old boring. Humblebrag: Some days housekeeping for your feeds and maintaining your “Expert” status is humdrum. Truth: But some days brim with genuine connection, shared moments, and emotion contagion that make it totally worth while. In case you’d like to delve into the mishmash … Continue reading

Things I Like — Texting

I remember receiving my first text. I didn’t even know phones were capable of such things and thought “well that’s genius.” I can send information urgently without interrupting. I can receive information quickly without having to stop what I’m doing (unless it’s driving) or go find/talk to/ call someone. I can chat withs someone really … Continue reading

Things I Like — Pandemic [Game]

I love games, but I am so hyper (read: angry) competitive they make me uncomfortable and no fun. Enter: Pandemic. A board game where all players are on a team, battling outbreaks of disease by running around the globe finding cures and saving lives. I love being on a team. I love saving the world. … Continue reading

All the news that’s fit to click: News in the Age of the Internet

This morning as I buttered toast, my mind flitted to the Huffington Post. Or rather, the day it launched. I remember the day it launched in 2005. I remember writing about it for a now-defunct blog. I remember discussing it with my nerdy grad school friends who went on to become journalists and Google execs. … Continue reading

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Have you seen the Lizzie Bennet Diaries? This show is AMAZING (and I don’t use caps lightly). Now if I gave you the 30 second pitch normally ascribed to such projects, you may rightly balk: a modern Pride and Prejudice adaptation told through video blogs and social media. (The website is also quite hideous.) But … Continue reading

Digital Storytelling (Amb:IT:ion)

Amb:IT:ion is dedicated to enabling, inspiring, and implementing digital creativity in Scotland. From workshops to funding streams, the initiative aims to support arts and cultural bodies to make the most of their digital presence, and think outside the box to be competitive and creative in their digital strategies. One of their recent activities explored Digital … Continue reading