Darkness & Light

Today, 21 December 2012, in Edinburgh the sun will come up at 8:42am. It will go down at 3:40pm.

According to people who know such things, I will have 6 hours, 54 minutes and 33 seconds of day.

It is easy to feel panicky this time of year. With shopping and parties and frantic getting-ready-ness. Rushing, rushing, rushing to grapple and grasp every ounce of sunlight and warmth and jollity.

But the night is nothing to fear. The quiet of winter is a gift, not a curse.

Sometimes the bittersweet longing for spring comes with its own sort of beauty. And in the meantime, the wintery solitude and quiet is perfect for reflection and resolve.

Feel the insides of your mittens and the crackle of promise at dusk. See the infinite stars. Hear the muffled noises of life in the dark.

As the days are at their shortest, it is time for firelight and stories, candles and songs.

There is a long night ahead. Here’s hoping you too can spend it with wonderful people, filling the darkness with laughter.

Whatever shape your winter light celebrations take, (or took, Diwali was ages ago, I know) may the season be bright, and your heart be light.


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