Imminent Return

Hello you.

I know it’s been a couple of weeks of radio silence.

I hardly have time to think let alone blog. But the horizon is in view and we’ll be back to our normally scheduled ramblings about french toast, frostbite, and far away places soon.

In the meantime I have fifteen minutes of a grey Sunday morning which I’ll spend ordering my brain in my traditional list form.

[I figure if I can’t tell you anything interesting, I can at least let you observe me in my natural habitat. That’s normal bloggery, right?]


I spent last night in a student bar for the first time in ages. The students were all twiddling about in ballgowns and masquerade get-up for the final night of term. I feel their giddy chaos will come back to haunt me in dreams.


I also spent part of yesterday gabbing with Bell du Jour, you know, the Diary of a London Call Girl woman. She is a perfectly lovely (and very sharp) lady, and while she’s famous for her unconventional method of funding her PhD (and the salacious television series it spawned), her degree and research in forensics and epidemiology are quite interesting in their own right.


We’ve started listening to BBC Radio 4’s Neverwhere. I think I still have the television miniseries version of Neil Gaiman’s under-London legend on DVD somewhere, but it was always sorely let down by production values and hasn’t aged terribly well.

While radio drama requires an extra level of suspension of disbelief, it’s started out promisingly. (Though I’ll always think of Hunter as an extension of Grace Jones in Conan the Destroyer).


Grace Jones Conan the Destroyer

Sidenote: I don’t think I’ve ever heard James McEvoy’s Scottish accent before. He is a quintessential Glasgow lad (except for that whole movie star thing).

Also, I hear he jumped off stage in the middle of performing Macbeth the other day to help a guy who’d collapsed in the audience. Adorbs.




I’ve been doing some events work of late. The long hours and malnutrition of a life backstage are relics from my past.

In some meager effort to combat the insanity of pop-up banners, mindbending customer service and low-grade manual labor (I may be carting precious materials and seriously impressive equipment for high-profile clients, but it’s donkey work nonetheless) I have made my company ID a photo I took on my phone somewhere in the mountains above China.

I am riding a horse, questing for a glacier through fields and fields of edelweiss.

Remember when I did stuff like that? Those were good times.


me riding a horse in the mountains


In other news, tonight I’m expecting a delivery of panda semen. Obviously this needs no explanation.


Over and out–




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