Things I’m Loving

Last year I wrote a weird and wonderful round-up of things on my radar, and it consistently ranks among the favourite pages on this here Log.

So I thought it was time to unveil the innerworkings of my Spring 2013.

Et voila…


Award season sees the worlds of media, culture, fashion and celebrity play bumper cars for screen time. While it’s not all bad, the insipid nature of a lot of the commentary and analysis leaves me cold.

Perhaps this is why the glaring gaps and confounding charm of Jennifer Lawrence’s post-Oscar press interview ticks all my boxes. She may have launched a thousand animated GIFs, but I like her moxie. I like it hard.

(and incidentally, man do I love her look)

Likewise, the airbrushed, Instagrammed world of modern media means everyone in my sphere (from friends to colleagues to news sources) curate their life to the Nth degree.

While I’m all for the performative and I find the whole thing intellectually interesting, I do wonder what this added layer of pretense is doing to us all.

And I find comfort and stimulation in an unexpected source: a mommy blogpost from Irael.


I’ve spent most of the winter in hibernation mode. We have eaten ourselves sick on root veg, yeasted doughs and things smothered in gravy.

And now is the season for change. I’m not going to pretend it will constitute a smaller proportion of desserts, but it will include lighter, fresher ones.

martha stewart cookie appTo this end I’m spending an inordinately large amount of time oogling the free Martha Stewart Cookies app. I love anything that means visual browsing. But a photo catalogue of cookies? I’m sold.


smitten kitchen buckeyes

I’m also regularly whipping up Smitten Kitchen’s Buckeyes (aren’t they beautiful? She is one hell of a photographer and kitchen god).

I 50%-love the nostalgia of these Midwestern treats, and 50%-love that they take no baking.

You know you’ve crossed the Line of Lazy when you roll them flat on a cookie sheet and cut squares instead rolling the fiddly, adorable balls, but you also have the 10 minute treat to cure all ills. Win win.

And while I always prioritize tasty over beautiful in the kitchen (see: The Ugliest Pie Ever), Cakes and Catwalks has some simple ideas and awesome tutorials that have me reconsidering my aversion to dramatic decorating techniques. Because I am all over this rosette iced cake.



Remember that wedding rant? I am finding all sorts of inspiration and like-minded folk on the interwebs as marital bliss looms large on the calendar.

Jonas Peterson is one of those amazing wedding photographers who freezes glamorous Fiji nuptials into overexposed moments of arthouse beauty. His pictures make my soul happy.

Recently he had a Jerry Maguire epiphany. His manifesto (his word) is healthy re-reading and a much needed re-group when I get in too deep.

Here is one of his photos from a very special wedding. I so love his style.

Jonas Peterson photo

Unrelatedly, we’ve decided not to elope. But that aside, this has so much right.

Plus, I have found some gorgeous Michigan weddings which make me believe this is all actually possible, despite my worries and weirdness. Just look at Leelenau, in all it’s glory. I may not love this wedding, but boy do I love its location.

Leelenau wedding

(photo by Harrison Studio)


I’m spending a lot of time on science and tech related business of late. Amazing, stimulating collaborations which really test my boundaries as a cultural producer and question my own stance on some of the issues at hand. Here are some my top headlines of late:

 geordi la forge

BIONICS are upon us — if you were blind, would you have a computer eyeball send data to your brain? (Geordi la Forge headband optional)

I’m so fascinated by this idea, but a little creeped out at the sliding scale of bio-human-hybrid.

scifest bugs

EATING BUGS  — the world has a lot of mouths to feed, and right now it’s not working too well for a large number of humans. Looking to the future, can we redefine edible and renegotiate farming techniques and demands to balance the equation?

I’ve been working with EntoBox to explore how insects could be a future staple protein in our diet, and they are starting by masking our visual clues in an effort to break the taboo.

ento cubes

I mean, if I didn’t know they were bugs I’d be all over these beautifully presented bento box cubes, so can I take the next leap and try one?

They are sharing their work at the Edinburgh International Science Festival in a couple of weeks so I may get my chance.

monkey robotic arm

MONKEY BRAINS — More ethical dilemmas are upon us when monkeys are controlling things using brain power alone.

Super amazing, but I’ve seen enough 60s Sci-Fi films to know the end may be nigh folks…

planet of the apes


But it’s not all serious business. Quite the contrary.

cake flares

I found these amazing indoor cake fountains  (or mini-Roman Candles to you and me) in the card store. They set off every smoke alarm in the house. Including the ones upstairs… totally worth it.


I’ve said this before, but I’m still totally obsessed with The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. As it comes to a close I’m feeling the pangs of withdrawal.


TED talks iPad

And I’m really getting into TED talks. Lots of them. Here are some top picks this week:

I LOVE awesome people.

There you go.

Chock full of philosophical nothings, bizarre science, food and weddings. Yup, that’s pretty much my life in a nutshell.


One Response to “Things I’m Loving”
  1. Anika says:

    1) I freaking LOVE LOVE Jennifer Lawrence. She’s so awesome.
    2) THANK GOD you are not eloping. My heart would have burst.

    Love you!


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