Monday Cinco!

A brief list today:

1. I did eat bugs at the weekend, as foretold: buffalo worm pate (or smooshed up caterpillar to be technical). It looked like tapenade and was mild, savoury and a bit moreish on crostini.

I like being at the crest of an exciting, paradigm-shifting wave. I also do stupid things for dares.

2.We visited Falkland Palace yesterday. I’ve become rather blase about Renaissance castles of late (though you can take a virtual tour here if you want), but I could not contain my glee at seeing the first wobbly-kneed lambs of Spring. Praises be, the sun may come back after all.

3. I had this rambling chat with my mom the other day and we started talking about the Bible. On a whim yesterday, I flipped open the Old Testament in my vintage KJV (a beautiful leatherbound pocket edition inscribed with “From Mother to Jessie. Xmas 1933” in fountain pen inside. I love it hard.). And I randomly started reading about Abram and Sara, later to be christened Abraham and Sarah. And man, they were jerks. Not as bad as Lot, but holy cow. People back then were so mean to each other. It’s really rather upsetting.

4. My friend Alice has started writing letters of advice from mythical women. They remind me of the myths-turned-on-their-feminist-heads poetry of The World’s Wife but more fun. I rather want to try one out but haven’t thought of anyone to write as. Penelope‘s rather been done to death, and I don’t know Freya or Bast well enough. Hm. Needs more thought.

5. I woke up in A Mood. I counter act this today with an unexpected talisman: the pearls my dad gave me for my 16th birthday. Soothing and shiny. Double win.


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