The Beginning of Goodbye

I have been delinquent, but dear reader, I have cause!

After all my fussy griping and limbo doldrums, Life has moved into the fast lane.

So fast, in fact, I can’t be warbling on the internet this morning as there are far too many things to be doing which are super uninteresting but Very Important.

So, in haste —

Spring is here. Which in Edinburgh means we’ve had 3 straight days without rain and more sunshine than haze most of the time. I am on cloud nine. And have the freckles to prove it.

We heard from the lovely people at USCIS last week. My petition has been approved! Lovely Bean is now welcome to start the process of immigration. Woohoo!

Which is very exciting, but also several steps from complete.

We are now waiting to hear from the Embassy where we will be moved onto a fully comprehensive financial review, and for Bean, a medical exam and intensive interview.

I try not to be too bothered by the fact that he needs to be physically poked and prodded (by very expensive London doctors I might add; the faceless They are very particular about who does these exams) before he is allowed in the country when any idiot could bring communicable diseases past customs when on vacation and no one would bat an eye, but right now it’s hard to care because IT IS REALLY HAPPENING.

I can take issue with the immigration policies of Lady Liberty once he has that piece of paper in his hand.

And rather perfectly on time (and not a moment sooner), our Edinburgh count down has begun.

We will ship out of here in a few weeks to spend our remaining days in Britain nearer to family. Suddenly living 400 miles from his folks makes a lot less sense when we’re on the verge of living 6,000 miles away for an indeterminable number of years. Time to get in as many visits and lunches and hugs as we can, I think.

So, I am not only in the throes of finding every tax return ever for my government, but also selling our furniture, shipping our treasures and preparing myself for a summer of nomadic ramblings from family member to family member.

It will be tumultuous. I’ll try to remember to tell you about it as we go. I may even make Travel Tuesday a Travels of Britain goodbye.

But first I have to figure out how to ship 400 books across an ocean…


2 Responses to “The Beginning of Goodbye”
  1. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (roughly translated that means we really MUST do lunch / gin / coffee / any of the above)


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