Oh, Britannia!

We leave in three days.

The bags are packed, the tickets bought.

The visa is stamped, the car is sold.

It is time.

While I never expected a wild rushing summer of family politics and working remotely, we’ve covered thousands of miles of country and had countless hugs along the way.

Ten weeks ago we said goodbye to Scotland. In that time we’ve traveled from the very tip of Skye to the harbors of Dover and then some.

We’ve scaled mountains, swum in fairy pools, watched the dawn rise over Stonehenge and spent a great deal of time picnicking by castles and gardens.

Today is not the day to tell you each and every story.

But today is the day I let them wash over me, an incoming tide of goodbyes and beauty.

summer 2013 collage summer collage 2

Britain, your glory and majesty remain undiminished even as we sail West…


3 Responses to “Oh, Britannia!”
  1. Sonali says:

    Safe travels, Sara! And hooray for all the adventures to come!


  2. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing.


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