Spring Fever

After a brutally cold Michigan winter, all of a sudden Spring has sprung.

I’m attempting to ride my bike at least 4 times a week. At least a couple of miles, but sometimes as far as the farms and horse paddocks at  the edge of town.

I don’t have a pedometer to get on the 10,000-steps-a-day-band-wagon, but being out in the fresh air and clearing my head is immensely satisfying.


And now the snow’s finally gone we’re ready to be on the road. We are out-of-town the next three weekends, possibly the next six depending on how things go.

It is so exciting to plan travel, even small-time city-break travel. It feels so full of promise and adventure. The added bonus of lifestyle reconnaissance and reconnecting with friends and family is the perfect way to ring in a more active season.


While my job, like everyone’s, comes with downsides, I am constantly amazed and surprised how much I love running and managing a small business.

I never in a million years thought I’d find overheads, spreadsheets, funding and HR interesting, but when market segmentation and PR feel like audience development and copy-writing with a different spin, it’s almost exciting.

I’m surprised how much I already know from managing small charities and producing large projects. Who knew all those board meetings and committees would prove fruitful in this way? I’m flabbergasted to find accounting in my wheelhouse and profit margins in my sightline.


Plus, on the side I’m helping Bean with a new project all his own. I had no idea I’d enjoy working and scheming together so much, but more on that anon, dear reader.


And any springily season which includes planning a baby shower (not mine!) feels fuzzy and like it ought to have ducklings.

There is pretty paper, cute animals, soft squishy things … all the best stuff, really. It’s just so damn cute!

Lots of love,







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