Getting into Focus

Almost one year ago we boxed up our lives in Edinburgh and hopped on this crazy merry-go-round.

We’ve been in four countries, five states, a few dozen cities, and traveled tens of thousands of miles since.

As this transitional year wraps-up (she says with a knowing hubris) I’ve been dwelling on little blessings, like my now-husband’s photo-trail of our journey.




Seeing our year bleed from castles to coves has been a pleasure, and watching the majesty of Midwestern autumns and winters filter through his technicolor lens is stupidly gratifying.

Cascading down, [1] Eilean Donan, the perfect picnic pitstop on the way home from Skye [2] The most beautiful house on earth is in the south of England [3] Brighton’s rainbow rows [4] moody Westminster [5] windwhipped tree on England’s south coast

[6] picturesque white cliffs on our last day in Britain [7] Michigan’s marvelous beaches [8] A Wintery Windy City

[9] the view from our honeymoon [10] Inside Michigan’s Capitol Dome [11] the woods by my parents’ house

[12] big rivers Up North [13] Tawas Bay Lighthouse [14] weak, winter sun on the ice [15] autumn color in Michigan [16] our local Capitol

[17] golden foliage [18] stormy skies on Lake Huron [19] Toronto’s CN Tower

As always, the filter of both hazy memory and trigger-app-y fingers makes it the perfect array of vivid wonders.

I hope this next year is as bountiful and bright.


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