Making Time : Day One

I’m taking on Do What You Love‘s 31-day experiment #MakingTime.

Each day we’ll carve out an increasing number of minutes (one minute on Day 1, two minutes on Day Two…) to make time for the here and now and the big picture stuff that gets shoved under the sofa most nights.

I’m going to try to write about, or publish my related work, as much as I can.

It started September 1, so there is plenty of time to get on board if you want to jump in, too!

A simple request opened the month of activities: listening to running water for one minute.

I was too tired after a day of pitches and cover letters to find any, so I took the lazy man’s road — a YouTube video of a waterfall. I laid on the couch, closed my eyes and hit play.

And gosh darn it, if it didn’t soothe my tight abs and cranky face!

I had no idea a minute could be so long. With each second I felt myself relax. Felt my whole self wake up. Felt all the junk I’d be carrying around from my day.

After it felt like I’d had a full blown nap, not just a one-minute time out.

Best use of 60-seconds ever.

In fact, this morning I made a point of doing my yoga down at the beach instead of on the rug for a big second dose. I think that’s going to be a habit as long as this weather holds.

Bring on Day Two!


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