Do What You Love

In this new life, still shiny-pink and small, I want to be mindful.

Mindful of who I am and what I want.

Mindful of where are headed and where I came from.

Mindful of what drives me and makes life worth living.

To that end, I am undertaking some personal DIY.


First, I am joining the community at Do What You Love in two projects:



Making Time is a 31-day experiment.

Each day we’ll all carve out an increasing number of minutes (one minute on Day 1, two minutes on Day Two…) to make time for the here and now and the big picture stuff that gets shoved under the sofa most nights.

I’m going to try to write about, or publish my related work, as much as I can. Yesterday’s minute meditation was worth a post of its own.

It started September 1, so there is plenty of time to get on board if you want to jump in, too!


real wild bio

I’m also doing a Real Wild Bio, which stems from one of the courses at DWYL. (I first found about this community because a friend of mine runs one of their recurring courses).

Some courses offered sound really interesting, but too pricey and not-quite-right for my life right now so I’m dipping my toe in the water with this free resource.

Its premise focuses on and celebrates the narrative of your life from which you derive meaning, and from there uses that wisdom to move forward into things which help you flourish.

In an effort to be all-in about this business, I came to the following conclusion today and I’m going to be woman enough to publish its sloppy, heartfelt truth right here, right now:

I believe the world is an amazing place.

I want to know and celebrate its diversity and infinite common ground. I want to share its awesome, inspiring people and places with others.

I want to spread joy and meaning in my relationships big and small. I offer myself wholeheartedly and unselfishly to projects, people and experiences. I want to respect me and those I surround myself with.

I want to be challenged.

I want to leave this earth full of wonderful experiences and a little happier than I found it.

Is it the world’s best manifesto? Resoundingly, no. But it is 100% mine and 100% true and that is something special.

You can create your own by downloading the guide here.

#Dowhatyoulove, people. It’s my next Big Adventure.


What do you think?

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