Let there be light! 

Be still, my heart: it is February 9th and I leave my office in very overcast yet decidedly daylight. 

How quickly it has come! I hardly think winter’s been at all in these parts. Apparently somewhere else is bearing the brunt of it this year, for in England there are daffodils and here there is enough light to live by. 

How marvelous and wild. 

I am, unlike most, a little sad at this lack of darkness and calm. 

As if we’ve skipped the fallow season and are to dive headlong into growing without replenishing the stores. 

But perhaps I worry too much. I am not sorry to see the pink of evening, who’s to say it will do us harm? Perhaps a long drawn out spring is around the corner and the fruits will still bear heavy and ripe when the time comes. 


What do you think?

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