Today I do not want to be chained to my laptop. I definitely don’t want to be sitting in my cold, damp, North-facing front room to work on budgets and research proposals. I want sunshine and laughter and a day off. But work is work, and deadlines are deadlines, so, I create a makeshift desk from … Continue reading


How Can I Keep from Singing?

I have music in my soul. Despite this, I go long, intense bouts without so much as a note. I’ll not play anything, or even sing in the shower, for months. Then some unexpected day I’ll be filled with uncontrollable urges, spreading song into every inch of my daily routine. It’s a wonderful reconciliation, and … Continue reading

Edinburgh’s Festivals

My town in pretty famous. It has this thing in the summer where hundreds of people, some of them famous, come and put on shows. We are awash with talent (and, admittedly, a lot of un-talented deluded people). It’s crazy, messy, chaotic, art-tastic fun. It is also really hard to live your normal life through. … Continue reading