Today I do not want to be chained to my laptop. I definitely don’t want to be sitting in my cold, damp, North-facing front room to work on budgets and research proposals.

I want sunshine and laughter and a day off.

But work is work, and deadlines are deadlines, so, I create a makeshift desk from a side-table at the foot of my bed.

If I must have spreadsheets, at least I can have streaming sunlight and a change of scene too.

And with this small shift, I unwittingly unleash magic.

I forgot it’s the end of the school year. Exam season will soon be upon high schoolers everywhere. Including the residential music conservatory that backs up to our house.

Suddenly I’m not just sitting at a new window, but transported to a sultry summer evening far away. An invisible and distant trumpet and piano tinkle a duet full of jazzy overtones, and lush tendrils of music roil over my windowsill.

When serenaded, it’s hard to find fault with anything.



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