Annabel Lee & a plate

Fall is in full swing round these parts. Something about autumn feels super crafty and homespun and charmingly rustic. If there were orchards, I’d be pickin’ and bobbin’ with the best of them. Sadly, there are not. No home-made candy apples for me this year. Instead, with a relatively free afternoon, I decided to do … Continue reading

Domestic Pleasantries

Number 14? Check & check. Someday I will showcase my (tiny, but growing) rummage sale china collection, but not today. Today all that matters is that I breakfasted in the by window, watching the leaves turn. I ate homemade walnut bread. Off of Martha Stewart’s Wedgwood. I drank fresh orange juice. From a wine glass. … Continue reading

Jennie, I’ve got your number

When I was little, I thought I knew how to count. The numbers went 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  6  7  5  3  0  9. I was a child of the eighties. And a small enough child I didn’t know Tommy Tutone was singing about a phone number. Sigh, such innocence. (Incidentally, … Continue reading

Thirty Things

In all probability, I will live forever. The women in my family are made of some rare mixture. They lived into their 90s even in the 18th & 19th Cs. Back when people died of colds. When there were no antibiotics. When one in five women could die in childbirth. When the estimated average life … Continue reading

On Your Marks

I am getting ready to be 30. Which is lame and uninteresting to the naked eye, I grant you. But I, in my extremely eccentric version of wisdom, have decided it is actually quite special. I am going to make it special. By doing 2 things, which I’ll tell you about later. In the meantimes … Continue reading