Teens in the hood

The older I get the more I love teenagers.  At the time I found them (and myself) terrifying and highly unpredictable. Mercurial, petty and weirdly opaque.  I sometimes think I just needed to get some grounding. Self confidence is some kind of adamantium armor.  Because now moody teens and social politics are almost charming. And … Continue reading

Two Magical Things

It is a Friday afternoon in midwinter. To brighten the dull gray sky and open my heart for the weekend, a list: Storycorps Until last week I had never heard of Storycorps, and my life was less interesting as a result. An NPR producer built a soundproof studio booth. It travels around the country where … Continue reading

Things I’m Loving

Last year I wrote a weird and wonderful round-up of things on my radar, and it consistently ranks among the favourite pages on this here Log. So I thought it was time to unveil the innerworkings of my Spring 2013. Et voila… I. THINGS THAT MAKE ME THINK Award season sees the worlds of media, … Continue reading

Starry : A Tale of Two Nights

One night, I walked the dry river bed out across the desert and to the water’s edge. During the day it is a popular draw in the region, full of locals and tourists; now it is completely empty. The flicker of a bonfire miles away is the only sign of human habitation. I slip into … Continue reading

The Art of Choosing

Sheena Iyengar’s study, The Art of Choosing, is a thought-provoking work. Taking in theories of economics, sociology, philosophy, psychology, and even politics, it asks in no uncertain terms ‘What is Choice, and why does it matter?’. Choice, she argues, is a tool and a langauge. Choice is an act, not an outcome, and thus an … Continue reading

A busy week in Edinburgh

I won’t be writing much this week. Summer’s cultural season is at full tilt (despite the inclement weather), so I’ll mostly be on the road. In case you’d like to get on board with some of Edinburgh’s exciting offering, here’s a selection of activities to try: <br> Leith Festival This gem runs all week, with … Continue reading

Roger M Jones Fellowship

Did I ever tell you the story of how I moved to Edinburgh? The short version goes something like this: Once upon a time, Sara was a college student in the grips of terrible ennui. Her chosen major was not shaping up as she expected. Life ahead seemed terrifyingly uncertain. Her freetime was consumed with … Continue reading

Extra Credit: Whales

I love whales. Seriously. For me they hold a natural affinity, one which other (possibly sane) people often reserve for primates. There is something eternal and wise, ancient and prescient about the beasts from the deep. It may sound silly, but somehow, they seem to sing to my soul. They didn’t always, but then my … Continue reading