Platters of wholesome goodness

It is a bright, stormy day and my head is full of heavy things. And while I want to believe being all grown-up, facing these things head on, and standing up for what I believe in will always turn out for the best, I need a mini-hiatus. The kind made of toasted crumpets and fuzzy … Continue reading


Jean Simmons

I am not known for my strict adherance to the OED version of the English language. In fact, I enjoy a rather cavelier attitde to my native tonuge, as you may have surmised. Which I like to pretend is a decent excuse for mixing words up all the time. Things that sound similar or remind … Continue reading

Vintage Jewellery Bookmarks

So, Homemade Christmas: It involved many adventures and even some failures. Seriously. Worst. Jam. Ever. But, at least you can take heart knowing if I can do it, these must be the simplest projects on the face of the earth. Coordinated I am not. Skilled I am not. But full of love I unabashedly am. … Continue reading

The Salon Project : A Night to Remember

I attended a piece of installation theatre. It was spectatorship and cultural commentary and fancy dress all rolled in one. It was fabulous. Probably best to start with how I found myself here and what happened when I arrived. ~ Dressed, pinned and cinched the other members of Jonquil and I assembled at a very … Continue reading

The Salon Project: Dressing the Set

I attended a piece of installation theater encompassing spectatorship, cultural commentary and camp costume party. It was fabulous. If you like you can start with how I found myself here. ~ When I’d booked my ticket to this fancy-dress-party masquerading as theater-cum-installation I’d been assigned to group Jonquil. The girl on the box office phone … Continue reading

The Salon Project: Anticipation

The Salon Project was the most interesting performance I’ve experienced in years. It had about as much to do with traditional theater as parkour does with ballet. Maverick, enticing and entirely topsy-turvy, the evening was devised to explore and interpret the Parisian Salon culture of the late 19th & early 20th Centuries. Learned, liberal folk … Continue reading