The Book of Awesome

Do you ever have these people who are on the fringes of your life – acquaintances, maybe, or folk in your work network – who you think are just totally awesome?

The sort of people who light up rooms and change the world and smile with their eyes.

You’re not really close, but everything you know about them makes you think you could be.

I love having people like that in my life. Reminding me of variety. Expanding my horizons. Inspiring me from afar.

… until now.

I decided being inspired from afar isn’t enough.

And crucially, it’s way too one-sided. I mean, why not share the love?

How much would you love getting a call saying “I think you are swell, can I buy you lunch”?

I figured I would love it a lot (as long as it wasn’t too stalkerish), so I picked up the phone. Well, not literally. I hate the phone. I chickened out at the last minute and emailed instead. Baby steps.

Regardless, I ticked my “take three friends out to lunch” box by inviting someone I hardly know (but greatly admire) to break bread with  me.

I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous. Intimidated even.

I mean, this person? I think they are awesome. They do super cool stuff and are always interesting and fun. And me? I’m kind of a mess.

But I decided it wasn’t a day for hiding, so I told her what I was up to and where I was headed, and how I’d always been interested in her and her work and her life.

And we talked about all sorts of things.

Good things, strong things, exciting things that make me want to jump out of bed at 6am and start my life in style!

So yes. My Thirty Things list? It’s totally paying for itself a million times over.

And incidentally, if you need a pep talk over chili potatoes and arugula, the inimitable (and totally rockin’)  Jenny Brown is most definitely your woman.

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  1. throckmorzog says:

    most excellent


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