The Pentlands

Edinburgh is nestled among the hills, a little oasis on the waterfront.

Each peak and each range have their own character – from the imposing volcanic mass of Arthur’s Seat to the sweetly suburban greenery on Blackford Hill.

Now we have Ollie, I am spending a good deal more time out south, in the Pentland Hills.

This range is a mixed bag, with the seemingly obligatory chain of reservoirs and brushy landscapes butting up against a dry ski slope and well trafficked farm land.

On this visit, we went out to Castlelaw and wandered among sheepfields.

Several sheep were nonchalantly grazing on an Iron Age fort, completely undisturbed by the regular machine rifle tat-a-tat-tat emanating from the Army Training Camp on the opposite slope.

I guess they are more used to it than we were.

I was just terribly excited the lambs were out – and so big too! Having driven in these parts pretty regularly over the spring, it’s nice to see them growing surefooted and bolshy.

It was a lovely sunny day with fast rolling clouds and long views.

One of those little reminders that this town can be pretty amazing in the right light.



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