Digital Storytelling (Amb:IT:ion)

Amb:IT:ion is dedicated to enabling, inspiring, and implementing digital creativity in Scotland.

From workshops to funding streams, the initiative aims to support arts and cultural bodies to make the most of their digital presence, and think outside the box to be competitive and creative in their digital strategies.

One of their recent activities explored Digital Storytelling: a half day seminar dedicated to exploring digital landscapes and the opportunity for narrative and creative content.

The afternoon kicked off with introductions by Mark Daniels, of New Media Scotland and Hannah Rudman from Amb:IT:ion.

They outlined exciting work already being done in the area and what’s on the horizon, including a new batch of #getambition funding announced in July and the Atmosphere programme of enhanced screenings at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

The heart of the event, though, was a showcase; practitioners who are pushing boundaries and asking big questions. One of the most interesting formed the crux of the day’s proceedings:

What audience experiences and artistic opportunities can new media platforms provide?

Some of the most intriguing answers came from Blast Theory, a company specialising in interactive storytelling. They have worked with international brands and key cultural players like the Sony, Channel 4 and Tate.

Matt Adams gave some great advice and raised some interesting question which I can hopefully delve into in more detail soon. It’s lit new sparks and joined up long-festering ideas in all sorts of unexpected ways.

Appropriately, the whole event was streamed live online and can be viewed on demand in bite-sized pieces on their website, including Matt’s inspiring masterclass.


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