I spent the summer I turned twelve doing four things: reading, keeping a journal of every book I read and film I saw, practicing my violin, and mowing the lawn while belting show tunes (secretly dreaming I’d be discovered by a talent agent over the drone of the mower). The summer I turned twelve I … Continue reading

Old [Fictional] Friends

Do you have stories that never get old? No matter how many times you hear them they still feel alive? They can rekindle a sinking heart or augment delicious indulgences, but always prove stalwart companions. Must be some type of magic. And today, as I sold off our books — we’ve shed several hundred so … Continue reading

The Waiting Game

As you may have gathered, we are in a holding pattern. We filed the paperwork for Bean and I to move to America back in October. It’s six months later and we haven’t heard anything. Whenever we do, it will only be for the government to authorise medical exams, interviews and Phase II of this … Continue reading

Travel Tuesday: Santorini

I once spent a few weeks backpacking in the Greek Islands. It was utterly blissful. Or I remember it as blissful anyway. My foggy, wistful brain likes to leave out the bits where we tried to sleep on the deck of an overnight ferry full of partiers and hounded by sub-zero sea breezes. The part … Continue reading

GiftED – paper sculptures on the road

If you troll about the literary world, you may have heard of Edinburgh’s mysterious sculptures, their delicate carvings found anonymously gifted to libraries and museums. (I briefly mused on the escapades at the time) The beauties were found stashed around cultural venues last year, leaving the city and the literatti abuzz with speculation. Who could … Continue reading

Boy Meets Girl

My grandmother was big on old fashioned romance. When she was ill, I sent her this to cheer her up. Now I feel like telling you. Sometimes the world hands you the most unexpected gifts. So you jump in with both feet and see where it takes you. Once upon a time, a girl was … Continue reading

Pride & Conceit

Gryffindor. District 12. Team Jacob. Miranda. Carrie. Charlotte. People identify with pretend. They just do. And while I am as guilty as anyone of obsessive online quizzes, daydreamy adventures, and entirely delusional fantasies involving crossbows and laser sights while shopping for tinned beans, mine are, more often than not, a little old school. The world … Continue reading

funny thing, language

I make no bones about it, this post is really about Little Women. The All-American girlhood classic, which actually isn’t nearly as good as you remember. Trust me. Every other word is religiously pious and boring. I’m pretty sure it’s only survived in the hearts and minds of America’s feminine youth for so long for … Continue reading

The Clandestine Bibliophile

There is a stealth artist in our midst. The Batman of bookart has been gallivanting about town for months, leaving precious sculptures with inscribed messages for the literary community. First there was Scottish Poetry Library – a poetree stashed among the shelves. The National Library displays theirs in the entrance, a badge of honor. Then … Continue reading