A smattering of things

Do you ever have those days where you wake up foreboding some unknown trouble?

Despite a whole week of sunshine, enough sleep (for once) and the first faint whiff of Spring, today I was up at dawn on a professional-grade worry streak.

So I’m calling time out.

No doctor’s anxiety. No weekend overtime. No wedding planning or immigration business. No family politics.


I steal this morning back for my routine of simple pleasures and the beautiful things which I ought not forget in this passing tension-clench.

Happy Sunday!


The first clutch of daffodils brighten my dining room table.

I watched a pair of crows build a nest yesterday. Their chosen treetop was at exactly eye level from where I stood on the bridge. I had no idea how deeply they nest!

The little waterways trundle along with the unmistakable scent of wild garlic sprouting on the banks.

Ah, Spring.syzygy

I learned the word syzygy this week.

An excellent word, from the Greek describing a union or coming together of disparate parts.

Depending on who you ask it could mean the alignment of celestial bodies during an eclipse; the chromosomal behaviour of meiosis; a coupling of meters in poetry; or a random episode of the X-files. Brilliant.


Krispy kreme

We visited Scotland’s first Krispy Kreme. You’d think it was a moon rock landing with all the chaos it’s caused.

It’s two weeks since it opened and the drive-thru line is still out of the parking lot and up the highway on-ramp.

It’s more than $3 a doughnut (!), but some of the best people watching ever.


We’ve been watching David Attenborough’s Africa.


Just lovely.

hot pants

Bean bought me hot pink, skinny-ginny pants for my birthday.

I feel 11 and 45 at the same time.


forth road bridge

Yesterday we walked the Forth Road Bridge to Fife and back.

About a mile long and several stories above the bay, we watched sailboats and seagulls below us all afternoon.

We shook and giggled as the bridge rumbled like a roller coaster ever time a big truck passed.

Totally innocent, brilliant fun.

May your week be full of adventures big and small, and include just the right number of doughnuts.


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