One Year

One year ago, we took a one-way trip to America.

Since leaving Heathrow that morning we’ve been rather busy.

We’ve clocked 15,000 miles by car, plane, bus, train, boat, bicycle and ferry.

We’ve visited 5 states and 19 North American cities (not including driving through dozens if not hundreds of one-stop-light towns and villages).

2014 map

On our adventures we pet baby goats and saw the country’s handsomest capitol building in Wisconsin.

We hobnobbed with restauranteurs and literary editors in Boston.

We explored Toronto on foot and got the backstage tour of a snazzy new nanobrewery.

We’ve driven past a man-killing Giant Clam, the world’s(second) largest crucifix and seen the famous Rivera murals, all without leaving the Pleasant Peninsula.

We parasailed over the Straits of Mackinac and hiked endless miles of woodland.

Bean met his first Amish people, and discovered the thrill of snowtubing and giant, bone-shuddering thunderstorms.

I’ve spotted wild mink on icy riverbeds, learned how to tap maple trees, and baked my first lasagna.

Oh, and we got married. That was awesome.

How’s that for a year?


One Response to “One Year”
  1. It sounds like an amazing year! 🙂 Congratulations on your marriage.


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