Travel Tuesdays: Revival

I recently came across my Travel Tuesday stories: a short-lived weekly ritual exploring places I had been as we waited (and waited and waited) for the uncertain future to transport us to America. I felt strangely jealous.  Delighted to revisit places I fondly remember, surprised and rather chuffed at being transported by words I don’t … Continue reading

Things I Like — Green

Verdure is remains one of my Top Five deal-breaker necessities for a comfy home. The grape ivy is spilling across our windowsills, the kitchen romaine is spritely sprouting. Moss tufts luxuriously everywhere it can find purchase and the sand dunes are bursting with butterfly friendly growth. Is there anything more delicious than lolling in soft … Continue reading

One Year

One year ago, we took a one-way trip to America. Since leaving Heathrow that morning we’ve been rather busy. We’ve clocked 15,000 miles by car, plane, bus, train, boat, bicycle and ferry. We’ve visited 5 states and 19 North American cities (not including driving through dozens if not hundreds of one-stop-light towns and villages). On … Continue reading

Midsummer Americana

I have the luxury of my mother’s rusty old Schwinn bicycle to relish these summer evenings. And what a luxury it is. The light lingers long and orange on trees so green they could burst. The neighborhoods are filled with a floral perfume, like lilac but not so saccharine. The streets echo softly with children’s … Continue reading

5 Things I Require

After much contemplation, I have arrived at five things my future life must hold:   I: Hills     Michigan is many things, but its central plain is ungodly flat. The hard dolomite under the area has made a basin impervious to even glacial sculpting it seems. While the rest of the state and region … Continue reading

Even the light here is different

There are many things I knew would change when we moved to America. Our language would be odd [use the phrase “he threw his toys out’ the pram” and just watch their befuddled faces], our routines unconventional. I fully expected a warehouse-sized grocery store and a wild goose chase or two when I craved the … Continue reading

Old [Fictional] Friends

Do you have stories that never get old? No matter how many times you hear them they still feel alive? They can rekindle a sinking heart or augment delicious indulgences, but always prove stalwart companions. Must be some type of magic. And today, as I sold off our books — we’ve shed several hundred so … Continue reading

Culzean Castle

When Bean moved jobs last summer, his colleagues gave him membership to the National Trust for Scotland as a parting gift. Every property in their care from castles and gardens to ruins and abbeys is now free for us to visit as often as we like for a whole year. We’ve explored the properties close … Continue reading

Starry : A Tale of Two Nights

One night, I walked the dry river bed out across the desert and to the water’s edge. During the day it is a popular draw in the region, full of locals and tourists; now it is completely empty. The flicker of a bonfire miles away is the only sign of human habitation. I slip into … Continue reading

Walking the Dalmeny Estate

Once upon a time I came up with Thirty Things to do when I’m Thirty. And despite the fact these thirty things never make an appearance on this here blog, I have in all actuality completed a good number of them. Well, like half. So it’s time I play a little catch up. Today: Walk … Continue reading