Inheritance. A funny thing. Did I expect to inherit my Aunt Karen’s laugh? Or my Bonmama’s  index finger? Can I lament the kink in my eyebrow, which mirrors my mom’s, even when it’s a mother to tweeze? People write books about inheritance, but they always mean money or titles or yachts. Which is sort of … Continue reading

Meet Ollie

Our family is growing. (No. NO. Calm down. There is no bun in this oven. Promise. Unless you mean cinnamon buns. Then you’d be right.) We just have this habit, ever since we started dating many moons ago, of naming things. The first gift I ever gave Bean was a fern. He named it Cornelius. … Continue reading

birthday surprise

Woke up to sunshine and breakfast in bed, and this: A giant, mystery box of stripy cheer! Upon opening out popped these My mother-in-law is the perfect mix of silly, goofy and sentimental. ps, turns out balloons are just as fun in my thirties as they were when I first hit double digits.

Jennie, I’ve got your number

When I was little, I thought I knew how to count. The numbers went 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  6  7  5  3  0  9. I was a child of the eighties. And a small enough child I didn’t know Tommy Tutone was singing about a phone number. Sigh, such innocence. (Incidentally, … Continue reading

Nostalgic Nosh

It’s an old cliché that you are what you eat. In my case, I eat what I am. If you wanted to take the temperature of any given day in my life, you could do much worse than observe my food habits. Whatever I’m putting in my mouth is probably directly correlated to how I … Continue reading

Thirty Things

In all probability, I will live forever. The women in my family are made of some rare mixture. They lived into their 90s even in the 18th & 19th Cs. Back when people died of colds. When there were no antibiotics. When one in five women could die in childbirth. When the estimated average life … Continue reading