The Name Game

When the conversation eventually turns to wedding business it is telling to see who asks what I will wear and who asks if I will change my name. Names are so important. I relish place names with odd provenance. I make up names for characters in books I will never write. I cherish the sounds … Continue reading

The Beginning of Goodbye

I have been delinquent, but dear reader, I have cause! After all my fussy griping and limbo doldrums, Life has moved into the fast lane. So fast, in fact, I can’t be warbling on the internet this morning as there are far too many things to be doing which are super uninteresting but Very Important. … Continue reading

Travel Tuesday: Amsterdam

When I think of Amsterdam I usually think of its airport. I’ve been in it more than a dozen times and it’s hands down my favourite airport (though Charles de Gaulle’s atrium inspired terminals give it a run for its money artistically). It has a stunning fireplace and grand piano lounge. And a library. And … Continue reading

Newness Abounds

It is a shiny New Year, and one that is already jam-packed full of adventure. [Warning: since I cannot construct a sentence to save my life today and frankly, I have some furniture which needs sanding, this is less of a poetical post and more a list of rambling nothings.] We are firmly ensconced in … Continue reading

Festive (Quick & Easy) Fudge

Sometimes Christmas presents are a conundrum, but this year takes the cake: my future step-in-laws. The cousins, aunts and uncles of a Bean’s new(ish) step-siblings, including The Baroness (I’m not kidding, the whole affair is honestly out of a novel). I’ve met them twice, including at the wedding. It’s going to be a hoot and … Continue reading

Night of the Dead

Th older I get the more seasonal my life becomes. The perfect Florida orange in January, the first frosty morning requiring wool socks — it’s these transitions and moments that measure out my years. Witnessing the changing patterns of the planet and the movement of the light mark time in ways more profound than clocks … Continue reading

Endings & Starts

Do  you ever wonder what life would be like if things were different? I don’t mean if Hitler hadn’t been born, or if Superman had landed in the USSR instead (though that is a fascinating idea, Mr Millar…); I mean everyday things. Life is built on such a mountain of happenstance. What if I hadn’t … Continue reading

Boy Meets Girl

My grandmother was big on old fashioned romance. When she was ill, I sent her this to cheer her up. Now I feel like telling you. Sometimes the world hands you the most unexpected gifts. So you jump in with both feet and see where it takes you. Once upon a time, a girl was … Continue reading

Bon Voyages…

This weekend my grandmother left the world as we know it. And in her brilliantly stubborn way, she did so exactly like she would have chosen to do so: In her house, with her nails done and with all of her family laughing and telling stories in the kitchen. It went very quickly, too quickly … Continue reading

“Uh-oh. This is bad, bad, bad, bad, bad…”

When I was 5, my mom’s sister came to visit. My mom was so excited. I think they talked non-stop for days. “Take your sister and go play upstairs” my mom ordered. I guess they were talking about grown-up things. On this less than inspiring afternoon, we rummaged in the art supplies. Did you ever … Continue reading