Festive (Quick & Easy) Fudge

Sometimes Christmas presents are a conundrum, but this year takes the cake: my future step-in-laws. The cousins, aunts and uncles of a Bean’s new(ish) step-siblings, including The Baroness (I’m not kidding, the whole affair is honestly out of a novel). I’ve met them twice, including at the wedding. It’s going to be a hoot and … Continue reading

The Holiday Wishlist

Our hybrid holiday continues with treats and tunes and traditions from both our fair nations. Though, sourcing my Americano snackage is always a struggle. While it’s not impossible to get import goods — the Mexican deli runs a good trade in Reeces and flavoured popcorn, and the fancy department store stocks bourbon and poptarts in … Continue reading

Squash, the king of the season

The leaves are turning. The mornings are misty. I can see my breath when I sit in the window. …and I definitely have soup on the brain. This week, I bring you something sweet, but with bite. Something soft and romantic, with a hint of fiery passion. This is made for sharing on long, lazy … Continue reading

Thirty: My decade of being late.

So I’ve been pretty terrible at the whole Thirty Things malarkey. I’m not super fussed, mostly because it’s got me blogging again and brough lots of other adventures and stories my way. [Plus, I am secretly rather gleeful that I am shedding my hyper-retentive OCD list abiding ways. It was exhuasting.] And I haven’t done … Continue reading

cookies & a competition

Lurgy has struck our house like putrid lightning. Sorry for the delay in my otherwise thrilling travelogues. Today I give you a brief peek at Russian novelty biscuits. Mass produced snack foods in any country are by turns intriguing and perplexing. What counts as junk food and how it is marketed in various locales is … Continue reading

New Season Salad

Spring in Britain requires a little bit of flexibility. Some days it’s 70 degrees and sunny. Some days it’s freezing hailstorms. Lots of days it’s both, usually in quick succession. I like all this variety. Keeps things busy and my world feels alive. Plus, I take it as a personal challenge. Can I possibly dress … Continue reading

Red Velvet Cake

We like unconventional traditions in our house. They break things up and add spice to our everyday. Every year for our birthdays, we do two things: One is our birthday getaway which I mentioned already, and the other is cake. I know, I know. Birthday cakes are totally old news. But since we started dating, … Continue reading

How NOT To Make Pie

“easy as pie” they always say. As if. Pie, as it turns out, it no easier (or more difficult) than any other baking. I should know. I can make bagels and fry churros and bake the meanest cornbread you’ve ever eaten. But this year, I decided to attempt the unknown and bake a down-home, domesticated … Continue reading

Cosy Winter Goodness

Can we talk about healthy? Feeling healthy is great. I am a preaching convert, always harping on about a life of fresh skin, enough sleep and lots of vitamins. Your grandmother was right about this, as with so many things. However, eating healthy to the point you feel deprived and crabby is just not worth … Continue reading

Kitchen Catastrophes

Let me tell you a story. Not that long ago, I couldn’t cook. Not a jot. In college I once tried to bake a potato in the microwave. I didn’t even poke holes in it. I was truly culinarily challenged. There is still an infamous night, not as long ago as I’d want to admit, … Continue reading