Things I Like — A Greater Whole

Belonging to a family. United voices in a choir. Teamwork in its biggest sense. There are many names for this uniquely human experience. Regardless of linguistics, this raw, awesome power of being wholly involved, and simultaneously so with other equally passionate people; coming together to create something bigger than anyone on their own; this I … Continue reading

Things I Like — Trains

I like the rumble and tumble noise of a distant one. I like the promise of adventure out the oversized windows. I like the overnight ones and long distance ones best. Like you’re really going somewhere. I love hurtling from A to distant B so fast, and while reading with tea. I love we’re all … Continue reading

Thinks I Like — Clicking

You meet someone new, randomly, and for no apparent reason, or maybe because the wind is south south east and the moon is waning, you click. You don’t try too hard or show off. You don’t clam up and avoid things. You don’t talk about anything particularly earth shattering or expect them to think you’re … Continue reading

Things I Like — Pandemic [Game]

I love games, but I am so hyper (read: angry) competitive they make me uncomfortable and no fun. Enter: Pandemic. A board game where all players are on a team, battling outbreaks of disease by running around the globe finding cures and saving lives. I love being on a team. I love saving the world. … Continue reading

Things I Like — A Lake Michigan Breeze

It’s a five minute walk to one of the world’s most beautiful bodies of water from my house. I love the shrift of sand, the crinkle of lapping tides, but this time of year I’m thankful for the gentle breeze skimming the lake’s ice-cold depths. Work’s a 45-minute drive in the opposite direction. I get … Continue reading

Things I Like

I sat on a broken piece of seawall this afternoon pondering the universe and sailboats. These little moments of peaceful contentment are possibly the best thing about being alive. Why else do we spend all our time trying to attain inner peace and be happy and make room for doing nothing with all the busyness … Continue reading

Our Neighborhood

About a million years ago I joined #MakingTime, a month of daily prompts to reclaim life and find balance in the little spaces between Stuff. It had some pretty awesome things about it and I enjoyed my escapades. One of my daily challenges was to take 20 pictures of my day and really spend time … Continue reading

#MakingTime (Days 4-22…)

I’m taking on Do What You Love‘s 31-day experiment #MakingTime. Each day in September we’ll carve out an increasing number of minutes (one minute on Day 1, two minutes on Day 2…) to make time for the here and now and the big picture stuff that gets shoved under the sofa most nights. I’m going … Continue reading

Ten Things I Did Not Know I Would Love About Chicago

  The sailboats ambling by the end of our road The distant rumble of trains reminding me of the hurtling city a few miles down of the line Drag Performance Debates The big yellow school bus that stops on our leafy street The sunpatch-cum-mini-patio at the top of our fire escape The inspiring homeless guy … Continue reading

One Small Thing

Life is made up of small things. Mostly these are the little gestures and daily patterns which make up existence, but every once in a while there are those magic, infinitesimal changes that alter the course of everything. Or if not everything, at least Important Things. ~ One week ago I became an Aunt. A … Continue reading