Things I Like — Texting

I remember receiving my first text. I didn’t even know phones were capable of such things and thought “well that’s genius.” I can send information urgently without interrupting. I can receive information quickly without having to stop what I’m doing (unless it’s driving) or go find/talk to/ call someone. I can chat withs someone really … Continue reading

Once Upon an iPad

Once upon a time, some very kind and generous parents gifted some lady an iPad. She loved it very, very much. Primarily because it let her FaceTime with loved ones far away and properly read pdfs anywhere, (but also, secretly, because Dots could be a lifesaver on a cold dreary platform hundreds of miles from … Continue reading

The Salon Project : A Night to Remember

I attended a piece of installation theatre. It was spectatorship and cultural commentary and fancy dress all rolled in one. It was fabulous. Probably best to start with how I found myself here and what happened when I arrived. ~ Dressed, pinned and cinched the other members of Jonquil and I assembled at a very … Continue reading