SHJIBF Opening Ceremony

This morning, the Sharjah International Book Fair was opened to the public. The first event was a conglomeration of several special celebrations: An opening brunch of incredible decadence, attended by Culture Ministers, Ambassadors, literary professionals and government agencies, hosted by His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council of … Continue reading

Sharjah: The Arrival

While I am sitting in a hotel much like any I would find in any other cosmopolitan city, this trip already has been anything but ordinary. Arrived last night [at 1am] to my own welcoming entourage at the airport. Two lovely ladies with a sign saying SARA MARIE waved, smiled and answered all my questions … Continue reading

Sharjah : a crash course

Next week, I head to foreign shores. I’ll fly to Dubai and then be escorted to the Emirate next door: Sharjah, for the Sharjah International Book Fair. While Abu Dhabi and Dubai are well known names even in Scotland, usually conjuring images of the exotic Arabia and glitzy high rises, the UAE as a whole … Continue reading

The Salon Project : A Night to Remember

I attended a piece of installation theatre. It was spectatorship and cultural commentary and fancy dress all rolled in one. It was fabulous. Probably best to start with how I found myself here and what happened when I arrived. ~ Dressed, pinned and cinched the other members of Jonquil and I assembled at a very … Continue reading

Make Something [Festive &] Beautiful

Wait, it’s mid- November? When did that happen? Dearie me I am behind. With pretty much everything. Including all the stuff normal people do all the time. Like wash my hair. And buy vegetables. Oh well. Onward and upward dear readers! [just pretend it’s a time warp I guess. that’s what I do] ~~~~~~~ Thirty … Continue reading

The Salon Project: Dressing the Set

I attended a piece of installation theater encompassing spectatorship, cultural commentary and camp costume party. It was fabulous. If you like you can start with how I found myself here. ~ When I’d booked my ticket to this fancy-dress-party masquerading as theater-cum-installation I’d been assigned to group Jonquil. The girl on the box office phone … Continue reading