Kyrgyz Ahoy!

So remember how I won those plane tickets?

Thanks to those of you who voted in the poll, Marrakesh was the firm favourite.

I regret to inform you however, dear readers, that your choice has been disregarded.

After all, I won TWO tickets, and I think my partner-in-crime deserved the trump vote.

You see, I am taking my mom away on vacation.


We’ve travelled together a bit before.

To cities and beaches, museums and galleries. To places far and places near, but always somewhere relatively familiar.

Our most exotic adventure to date [in tandem] has been the Caribbean.

[This is not the Caribbean.]


Most places we go, we end up playing dress up.

Because that’s just how we roll.



And this time we’ve decided to do something different (though most of you are probably thinking isn’t making costumes out of sea detritus “different” enough?).

Trust me, this is something special. This is a landmark year for us both, so we’re celebrating our way, with crazy shenanigans in exotic locales.

We’ve decided to go somewhere where:

English as a second language is rare

there is wide open country unlike landscapes we have seen before

there are no McDonald’s or Holiday Inns or other Western-worldly goods (though lord help us if she can’t get a bottle of Coke…)

We want this to be the trip of a lifetime: good old-fashioned wilderness, adventure and new horizons.

So after much mulling, we are headed to…


…the Silk-Road route’d, former-Soviet Bloc invaded, glacier-covered, never-start-a-land-war-in-Asia Kyrgyzstan.

We’ll ride horses and climb mountains and sleep in yurts.

We’ll probably get really lost and have lots of confusing hand-gesture-based conversations.

We may or may not get sick on curdled, unpasteurized [warm!] sheep’s milk.

I am sure we will find a way to play dress-up too.

We leave in a couple of months.

Can you tell? We are pretty excited already.

2 Responses to “Kyrgyz Ahoy!”
  1. Rupert Neil Bumfrey (@rupertbu) says:

    Try this for what you never anticipated! 😉

    Quite a useful site for background on the whole CIS++ region.


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