cookies & a competition

Lurgy has struck our house like putrid lightning. Sorry for the delay in my otherwise thrilling travelogues. Today I give you a brief peek at Russian novelty biscuits. Mass produced snack foods in any country are by turns intriguing and perplexing. What counts as junk food and how it is marketed in various locales is … Continue reading

Independence Day: or how to roast a chicken

It’s almost the 4th of July. One of my favourite holidays, and yet another opportunity to subject my ex-pat acquaintance to a good dousing of Americana. This year, I heartily recommend blending two of America’s best culinary clichés (preferably while humming patriotic anthems): barbecuing large quantities of meat, and using an eclectic spice fusion reminiscent … Continue reading

Monster Cookies

Let’s be honest. I am no food blogger. I am too excited about eating my concoctions to stop and take nice photos. As curses go, it could be much worse. BUT, today, despite their hideousness, I feel compelled to share my latest baking adventure. After all, it’s okay if Monster cookies are a little, well, … Continue reading

A Minty May Treat

May is one of the very, very best months. There is sunshine and there are flowers and barbeques and a bounty of good, juicy wild foods for foraging. One of the first welcome friends I find in the hedgerow (after the prolific wild garlic) is mint, in all her varieties. Foraging is not a skill … Continue reading

Hello, Monday

It’s a dreary Monday morning. It hasn’t rained for one day out of the last, I don’t know, fifteen? I’ve lost count. A blustery haar is rolling across the city and I am loath to separate myself from my pjs. Haar: an excellent word. Imagine outside looks deeply foggy. Imagine that fog is actually lowlevel … Continue reading

New Season Salad

Spring in Britain requires a little bit of flexibility. Some days it’s 70 degrees and sunny. Some days it’s freezing hailstorms. Lots of days it’s both, usually in quick succession. I like all this variety. Keeps things busy and my world feels alive. Plus, I take it as a personal challenge. Can I possibly dress … Continue reading

The Ultimate American

Any college student’s semester-abroad blog will acquaint you with the funny words, confusing idioms and quaintness that surrounds much of British culture. Ooh – wellies! Hehe – lorry! Oh the biscuit-cookie confusion, and chip-crisp conundrum. How delightful. I make light, but there are subtle linguistic differences I still haven’t fathomed after eight years. The culture … Continue reading

The Perfect Bagel

I cannot profess to have made the perfect bagel. Not yet, anyway. But these were pretty damn fine if I do say so myself. Making them from scratch was easier than I expected and the results, while imperfect, have made every store bought bagel seem a pale reflection. Honestly. They taste like nothing else. So … Continue reading

Red Velvet Cake

We like unconventional traditions in our house. They break things up and add spice to our everyday. Every year for our birthdays, we do two things: One is our birthday getaway which I mentioned already, and the other is cake. I know, I know. Birthday cakes are totally old news. But since we started dating, … Continue reading

How NOT To Make Pie

“easy as pie” they always say. As if. Pie, as it turns out, it no easier (or more difficult) than any other baking. I should know. I can make bagels and fry churros and bake the meanest cornbread you’ve ever eaten. But this year, I decided to attempt the unknown and bake a down-home, domesticated … Continue reading