#MakingTime (Days 4-22…)

I’m taking on Do What You Love‘s 31-day experiment #MakingTime. Each day in September we’ll carve out an increasing number of minutes (one minute on Day 1, two minutes on Day 2…) to make time for the here and now and the big picture stuff that gets shoved under the sofa most nights. I’m going … Continue reading

Chicago at One Month

We moved to the Windy City four weeks ago. It feels much longer somehow. Moving in was the traditional small-scale saga, starting with a farce of a landlord having no key for our bolt and ending in a beautifully crafted climax: a gaggle of family perched, in pairs, up each section of our fire escape … Continue reading

Ten Things I Did Not Know I Would Love About Chicago

  The sailboats ambling by the end of our road The distant rumble of trains reminding me of the hurtling city a few miles down of the line Drag Performance Debates The big yellow school bus that stops on our leafy street The sunpatch-cum-mini-patio at the top of our fire escape The inspiring homeless guy … Continue reading

One Small Thing

Life is made up of small things. Mostly these are the little gestures and daily patterns which make up existence, but every once in a while there are those magic, infinitesimal changes that alter the course of everything. Or if not everything, at least Important Things. ~ One week ago I became an Aunt. A … Continue reading

Hello, world

Once a month I have a night or two of insomnia. Despite a double-dose of painkillers my aches crunch on, dulled but unabated, and so I am left to ponder the world in a quietude all my own. I’ve come to enjoy the peaceful time, the botherings aside, and consider it a small space where … Continue reading

The Name Game

When the conversation eventually turns to wedding business it is telling to see who asks what I will wear and who asks if I will change my name. Names are so important. I relish place names with odd provenance. I make up names for characters in books I will never write. I cherish the sounds … Continue reading

Travel Tuesday

The new house is finally taking shape. And by taking shape I mean the walls are no longer bare. I don’t know about you, but the powdery deadspace of cheap white walls leave me cold. So at the weekend we hung pictures. Paintings done by Bean’s sister. Vintage opera posters I’ve been hoarding. A pair … Continue reading

Brunch in our house

An actual conversation: How about I make you breakfast in bed — would you like a fried egg and toast? Ooh. Yes please… can I have my toast cut into little triangles? Sure, Triangle of my Heart. I am bit obtuse sometimes. Nah, you’re a-cute love. Well that makes us equilateral then.

Newness Abounds

It is a shiny New Year, and one that is already jam-packed full of adventure. [Warning: since I cannot construct a sentence to save my life today and frankly, I have some furniture which needs sanding, this is less of a poetical post and more a list of rambling nothings.] We are firmly ensconced in … Continue reading

The Holiday Wishlist

Our hybrid holiday continues with treats and tunes and traditions from both our fair nations. Though, sourcing my Americano snackage is always a struggle. While it’s not impossible to get import goods — the Mexican deli runs a good trade in Reeces and flavoured popcorn, and the fancy department store stocks bourbon and poptarts in … Continue reading