Midsummer Americana

I have the luxury of my mother’s rusty old Schwinn bicycle to relish these summer evenings. And what a luxury it is. The light lingers long and orange on trees so green they could burst. The neighborhoods are filled with a floral perfume, like lilac but not so saccharine. The streets echo softly with children’s … Continue reading

The Plunge

Bean’s visa was approved last week. We left the Embassy and, after a celebratory pitstop in the decadent Selfridges Food Hall, we boarded a river cruise down the Thames. Saying goodbye to London and landing at Greenwich — ground zero; the place where time began — to watch the sunset. Fitting for the beginning of … Continue reading

Farewell, bonny Scotland…

So. We’ve packed up and shipped out. All our worldly possessions are in the back of Ollie. We’ve traveled 1200 miles in a week. Suffice it to say internet-time is at a minimum. So for now I leave you with this: After 8 years and 10 months in Scotland, as we drove our winding way … Continue reading

Old [Fictional] Friends

Do you have stories that never get old? No matter how many times you hear them they still feel alive? They can rekindle a sinking heart or augment delicious indulgences, but always prove stalwart companions. Must be some type of magic. And today, as I sold off our books — we’ve shed several hundred so … Continue reading

The Hermitage Anew

This morning I went for a walk through the Hermitage. I often do when I’m feeling hemmed in and cranky. I’ve probably walked it a hundred times. This little woodland nature reserve, replete with babbling stream and mossy Hobbiton-esque rocks, has been my reprieve ever since I moved to this city. It’s my perfect mix … Continue reading

Travel Tuesday: Chicago

Travel Tuesdays : where I can look back fondly at wonderful places, people and journeys while we prepare for the exciting adventure ahead… Chicago, like most urban centres, can be carved up into smaller pieces: neighbourhoods, districts, regions, each defined by some homogeneity be it geographical, cultural, or  historical. In some ways the city can … Continue reading

Travel Tuesday: New York City

Travel Tuesdays: where I can look fondly at wonderful places, people and journeys while we prepare for the exciting adventure ahead… A quick one this week as we are on the road (oh the delights of Kent and Sussex!) … and an important one I think, because this is a vintage postcard from somewhere I … Continue reading

Flashback: 2003

A decade ago I was living in a basement apartment, sleeping in a windowless bedroom-cum-cupboard; the through-path between my flatmate’s bedroom and the living room. My family referred to it as The Troll Hole with thinly veiled disgust. A decade ago I scraped together rent for this palace by working 3 jobs, including the graveyard … Continue reading

Mixtape Memories

In a world of mp3s and Spotify, I may be showing my age, but I’m still a sucker for a mix-tape. It’s easy for us Gen X – Gen Y bods to be overly nostalgic. I know this. I am not even the first to wax poetic over the nuance and romance of curated musical … Continue reading

The Purge

In a couple of weeks I will live in the New House. (Can we say “Yay!”?) Of course, in Edinburgh, new is a relative term. The New Town was designed in the 18th Century. The University’s New College is the quintessential example of the Victorian gothic-revival. And my New House is far away from both. … Continue reading