Tawas, Michigan

Sometimes the world hands you magic on a silver platter. While the summer and autumn of adventure have been glorious, exciting and full of love, Bean and I are moving into a new phase of madness. One where all our plans and ideas are more than pipedreams. Where it is time to choose where to … Continue reading

Farewell, bonny Scotland…

So. We’ve packed up and shipped out. All our worldly possessions are in the back of Ollie. We’ve traveled 1200 miles in a week. Suffice it to say internet-time is at a minimum. So for now I leave you with this: After 8 years and 10 months in Scotland, as we drove our winding way … Continue reading


You know when you float on your back in the lake, when your ears submerge and the noisy world is still there but all watery and subdued and far away? I sometimes get this sort of feeling around midsummer (and without necessarily going in the lake either). Everything slows down and the world is somehow … Continue reading

The Hermitage Anew

This morning I went for a walk through the Hermitage. I often do when I’m feeling hemmed in and cranky. I’ve probably walked it a hundred times. This little woodland nature reserve, replete with babbling stream and mossy Hobbiton-esque rocks, has been my reprieve ever since I moved to this city. It’s my perfect mix … Continue reading

Travel Tuesdays: Pitigliano, Tuscany

Travel Tuesdays : where I can look back fondly at wonderful places, people and journeys while we prepare for the exciting adventure ahead… Sometimes I open my eyes and realise just quite how lucky I am. It’s like fireworks in my brain. And I’m not just talking the miracle of Life. Or the fact that … Continue reading

GiftED – paper sculptures on the road

If you troll about the literary world, you may have heard of Edinburgh’s mysterious sculptures, their delicate carvings found anonymously gifted to libraries and museums. (I briefly mused on the escapades at the time) The beauties were found stashed around cultural venues last year, leaving the city and the literatti abuzz with speculation. Who could … Continue reading

Culzean Castle

When Bean moved jobs last summer, his colleagues gave him membership to the National Trust for Scotland as a parting gift. Every property in their care from castles and gardens to ruins and abbeys is now free for us to visit as often as we like for a whole year. We’ve explored the properties close … Continue reading

Thirty: My decade of being late.

So I’ve been pretty terrible at the whole Thirty Things malarkey. I’m not super fussed, mostly because it’s got me blogging again and brough lots of other adventures and stories my way. [Plus, I am secretly rather gleeful that I am shedding my hyper-retentive OCD list abiding ways. It was exhuasting.] And I haven’t done … Continue reading

Bon Voyages…

This weekend my grandmother left the world as we know it. And in her brilliantly stubborn way, she did so exactly like she would have chosen to do so: In her house, with her nails done and with all of her family laughing and telling stories in the kitchen. It went very quickly, too quickly … Continue reading

Kyrgyz Ahoy!

So remember how I won those plane tickets? Thanks to those of you who voted in the poll, Marrakesh was the firm favourite. I regret to inform you however, dear readers, that your choice has been disregarded. After all, I won TWO tickets, and I think my partner-in-crime deserved the trump vote. You see, I … Continue reading