The Book of Awesome

Do you ever have these people who are on the fringes of your life – acquaintances, maybe, or folk in your work network – who you think are just totally awesome? The sort of people who light up rooms and change the world and smile with their eyes. You’re not really close, but everything you … Continue reading

Be by the sea. On Cramond Island

I love the sea. Always have, always will. It’s in my blood. My grandpa used to joke that my family is part-selkie. Sometimes I half believe him. More than a few weeks without a shoreline and I get a little stir crazy. So, as one of my thirty things for being 30, I’ve promised myself … Continue reading

Poll: Where in the World?

I won plane tickets from bmi – anywhere they fly. I’ll tell you all about it over here. So the big question is…

bmi #150ticketgiveaway

<<<Go straight to the poll>>> So I’m not one for advert blogging, but this is story is worth sharing. bmi are [have been] giving away free flights. Yesterday, on their social media pages, they released clues about certain locations across Belfast and Edinburgh [I think they’re also doing Manchester and London later, too]. In short: … Continue reading

Date Night (or, Free Movies on the Internet)

We’ve had a crazy few months. What with all the travel we’ve been doing and then spending our spare moments beavering away at Homemade Christmas. We’ve hardly had a minute to breathe. So, in an effort to reclaim our lives, last night was Date Night. No chores. No Christmas. No planning or futures or budgets. … Continue reading

Sharjah’s Oasis

It is late and I am buzzing. Suffice to say we went to the desert for a pseudo-traditional evening – including incense, henna, a banquet on a Persian rug and possibly the best doughnuts I have ever eaten. I am sure there will be photos in due course. Probably of me trying to look regal … Continue reading

Sharjah : a crash course

Next week, I head to foreign shores. I’ll fly to Dubai and then be escorted to the Emirate next door: Sharjah, for the Sharjah International Book Fair. While Abu Dhabi and Dubai are well known names even in Scotland, usually conjuring images of the exotic Arabia and glitzy high rises, the UAE as a whole … Continue reading

Bundles of Joy ( & Thirty Things #9)

A few weeks ago, I boarded the train to London. The East Coast line between Edinburgh and the Big Smoke is one of life’s great pleasures, but on this occasion I was rather too excited to gaze fondly at the crashing North Sea or the quaint clusters of Northumbrian sheep. I was en route to … Continue reading

Pimp That Snack! (or Pop Tarts: Go Big or Go Home)

In an effort to complete Thirty Things #20, I have become rather adventurous in the kitchen. Bean has weathered it magnanimously – but then, when I get antsy of an evening and bustle about for a while, emerging shortly thereafter con pie who wouldn’t? I must say my first attempt at pie reaffirmed the proverbial … Continue reading

Thirty Things Update

We are going away tomorrow. For a whole week of blissful time-out and thankfully, also some blistering sunshine. Lord knows monsoon season in Scotland hasn’t provided us enough Vitamin D this year. So before we leave, I thought it was time for a check-up. How am I getting on with my Thirty Things? One Visit … Continue reading